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ROYAL SALUTE Contemporary Art Exhibition with Kristjana S. Williams
Nov 4, 2019 - Nov 18, 2019
Gallery Planet will host an exhibition by the artist Kristjana S. Williams who create artworks inspired by the deepening autumn in London. This exhibition is a special exhibition that celebrates the heritage of the British royal family and the launching of a new package that incorporates the value of innovation as Kristjana S. Williams collaborates on a new package design for the traditional whiskey Royal Salute. This is the first exhibition in Korea where you can take advantage of an opportunity to appreciate sensational art pieces and an artistic whisky. The Royal Salute brand artwork, a representative piece of this exhibition, is a hand-crafted reproduction of the Royal Menagerie existing in the British royal family where we can sense the unique wit in the British elegance and luxury. Born in Iceland and based in London, Kristjana S. Williams’ nature-inspired illustrations are well known around the world for being colorful, enchanting and intricate with a unique and playful twist. She is a world-renowned contemporary artist who majored in graphic design and illustration at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in England. The objects in her artwork comes from her childhood. Everything feels completely contrary as though the colors and the landscape are found in nowhere else in the world. Every piece created by the artist is its own world of botanicals, atmosphere, and animals, each designed from the things that have inspired her since childhood in Iceland. Motivated by the British Royal Menagerie housed in the Tower of London and Royal Salute’s unique heritage that is appreciated by its customers, Williams expressed astonishing color, style, and wit in her representative work, intricately illustrating the majestic charm of Royal Salute. We invite you to discover William’s world of work that has created a rich heritage with a more colorful and modern touch in the first exhibition in Asia, being held from November 4th to November 18th.
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